Homes Offered

Homes Offered

Listed below are individuals wanting specific animals.

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Listed below are animals needing good homes.

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Added 08/03/05
I ‘m desperately looking to give a cat or kitten a good home, any breed male, or female, not too old. We live in gosport, and the cat wold be homed with two children, unfortunately we lost our family cat peggy a couple of months ago, and , and the children and myself would love another cat. I have visited the RSPCA several times but with no luck [email protected]
Added 03/03/05
I am looking for a female long haired guinea pig, colour and age unimportant. I have lots of adopted rescue pets including twelve guinea pigs. All the males are neutered so she will not be bred from. I have just upgraded one of my family of guinea pigs to a massive hutch and would have plenty of space for another girlie to join his harem. The group consists of Pops (neutered) and his current wives Lily and Beauty. They get pelleted food and plenty of hay and fruit and veg. Lots of free time out in the run when the weather permits!!! I am in the Hants/Surrey area but can travel a little way. If you have a piggie who would like to retire here e-mail me on [email protected]
Added 27/02/05
We are looking for any cavalier King Charles spaniel puppies or adult dogs in our loving home. If you have any cavaliers come in please contact us on this email address. [email protected].
Added 27/02/05
We are offering a loving home to a small/medium sized dog. Ideally we are looking for a Westie. We live on a farm in Kent away from main roads and already have a friendly Labrador and a cat living with us. Please get in touch if you know of a dog who needs a caring family environment. Ask for Tom. Tel; 01732 762 983 Mob; 07881 940 472
Added 23/02/05
Hello, we are couple who have recently moved out of London to Surrey. We are looking for a Cairn Terrier or a Jack Russell (preferably puppy or used to horses). If it is a puppy we are willing to pay however we would prefer to make a donation to a local animal sanctuary. Please contact Andy via email at [email protected]
Added 22/02/05
We are a family of four that live on the Isle of Wight with our female Irish Red Setter, Ellie. We are currently looking for a companion for Ellie in the form of a FEMALE GOLDEN RETRIEVER. We are willing to travel, all locations considered. Would prefer 2-4 year old. Please contact Stuart on [email protected] or [email protected]
Added 16/02/05
hello we are a family of 5 there is me and my husband and are three children. |I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old and a 11 month we are looking to home a puppy which will be a small bread dog,yorkei or a jack Russell etc etc. We have two casts one is a 3 year old cat and a kitten he is 7 months old they have always been around dogs so. we did have a collie cross but she reached her age of 13 and we had to have her put down since then the kids have missed her so much,so is there is anyone out there with a small bread puppy and are looking for a home for him/she then we are the family we will love the puppy so much,we live in Andover Hampshire, [email protected]
Added 15/02/05
Hi there, if you need to rehome your dog due to unforeseen circumstances please get in touch with me with all the relevant information ASAP. I’m desperately seeking a young, active dog that enjoys long-walks and games in the park. I work from home most of the time a will only be away for 3/4 hours max, three days a week – therefore your dog will not be left alone. I absolutely adore dogs and I’m currently seeking the ideal companion for a young guy who is very active. ALL BREEDS CONSIDERED. ALL AGES CONSIDERED. I will decide on the most suitable dog after meeting the dog and not before! I live in Southgate, London in a 4-bed house that I share with long-term friends and fellow dog lovers who are looking forward to me adopting a dog. My study backs onto a large garden, which is fenced. If you need to rehome your dog or know someone who is please consider me. Dogs must come from a good home.Email: [email protected] Mob: 0 777 40 48 045
Added 15/02/05
We would like to open our home up to a small dog that needs re-homing. We live in the country and take long walks daily and have already been home checked. I am home all day so our new family member will receive lots of attention and my 8 year old daughter will offer a lot of love also. The biggest size would have to be like a spaniel. The only thing we ask is that our new addition is house trained and can tolerate a cat. Please e mail us at the address below and include your phone number and we will get back to you. [email protected].
Added 12/02/05
Good day, We’re Steve & Lynn, We live in north hampshire, We are looking for a young black and white border collie pup (must be under 4 months old),So we can bring he or she on with our other white and black border collie [Pep) .Must be good with kids and cats, Must be within the hampshire,wiltshire,surrey and west sussex area’s. We can collect the right border collie any weekend [email protected]
Added 11/02/05
Hello, we are Jean & Peter Foreman from Saltash Nr Plymouth. We are looking for a Cocker Spaniel (dog) Blue Roan if possible must be 18mnths to 2yrs old, we have owned 2 cockers previously, and we live out in the country with lovely walks etc.We would like a dog with a good temperment and house trained etc.Our cottage is ideal for another Cocker and we will give him a loving home. Please help!!!! Thankyou. 01752 847467
Added 10/02/05
We are looking to rehome a Dashound long or short haired any age or sex loving home awaiting with one other small male collie x older dog and a cat. Home can be inspected and we would keep in touch with the previous owner if they required. Please contact on first instance by e-mail [email protected] (Sussex)
Added 10/02/05
hello, i live in the southampton area and am looking for a rescue female siamese/havana type cat to keep my chocci point company. email [email protected]
Added 07/02/05
we are looking for a young male/female collie or meduim size crossbreed,must be child friendly as have 9yr old son,/ vac’d/,free if possible-a very loving home promised to right dog.please text me 07981944382-anytime
Added 07/02/05
Hi, I live alone with my 2 cats (mother and daughter) in Coulsdon (Surrey). I would like to be able to give a home to a young dog/puppy, preferably small – medium sized ,I have owned Jack Russels in the past before I had my cats. I live in a 2 bed house, large garden 50 x 60ft very close to large woodlands(chipstead Valley). , please e-mail details to [email protected]
Added 07/02/05
Hi me and me boyfriend are looking for a dog we would like a staff if possible but will consider any thing it must be a small or medium dog and house trained and good with kids but that is all we are a loving family and would like to add to it and hopefully do sum good at the same time if you you can help us pleases let me no we have a big 2 bed flat with garden and there are lots of parks and fields to walk dogs around please contact me at [email protected] or 01992 534709 we can promise it will be loved and be well looked after the only other thing is we don’t drive so up would have to drop it off to us we live in Hertfordshire and are about 25 miles from London
Added 06/02/05
hi, i am looking for a basset hound puppy or young basset hound. i live in bedfordshire with my boyfriend and 3 year old daughter. we have a lovely sized garden all fenced of securley and just down the road we have many dog walk fields ect. my boyfriend works from home so will hardly left alone. we ask for a puppy or young basset so it and our daughter can get familia with eachother and grow together she is very good with dogs as she has been round them since a baby (both her nannies have dogs). i know these puppies are expensive from breeders which we cannot afford but if you have 1 left from a litter i dont mind offering some money for expences ect. we dont mind if its a girl or boy and the colour is not important either we just want one of these lovely dogs to care for and love and be part of the family. if you can help us that would be great email me anytime at [email protected]
Added 05/02/05
We are the Gilbert Family from Bedfordshire and we would like to offer a loving home to a small canine friend ..such as a jack russell, shitzhu, westie or terrier type, preferably over a year old. We live in a village that has plenty of long country walks around, it, have a fair sized garden, and live in a close, so are not near to a busy main road. Family consists of Ray and Maxine ..both work, but Ray home for the day at 2pm so new addition would not be home alone for too long..then theres Sophie aged 12 and Kaya aged 4, both very eager to get into doggy walking and poop patrol !!! We do also have 3 cats, but they tend to be outdoor cats, as they love the countyside surrounding the house. So ..if we can help give a loving home to a doggy companion, email us at the address below please… [email protected] look fowrad to hearing from you !
Added 05/02/05
We are looking for a smallish dog – Lakeland/Parsons JR/Patterdale type dog or leggy terrier cross – to join our family. We’d like a young pup, up to about 8months old, to train and get used to cats, chickens, guinea pig and kids. We live on Hayling Isalnd, just 5 mins from the beach, and we have a good sized garden. We love long walks in the country at weekends and camping, so there’ll be plenty of good, muddy fun and exercise waiting! One of us is a teacher, so 12 weeks holiday a year, too! Please call Katherine on 02392 637872 or email [email protected] if you think you have a dog that would like us.
Added 31/01/05
Hi, we’re the Taylor family from Strood, Kent. We would love to be able to give a home to a young dog, preferably medium sized but all breeds considered. Although we both work, our shift patterns only overlap occasionally so our new addition would usually have a human playmate here. Our kids are 10 and 4 and adore all shapes and sizes of dog – in short, we all desperately want a canine friend to share our house, large garden and surrounding woodlands ! If you can help, please e-mail details to [email protected]. Thank you !
Added 28/01/05
Hi me and my partner are looking for a dog that may be in neeed of a good home we can promise it will be loved we have no other pets and all we ask is that it is friendly towards children its better if it is a medium or small dog but we do have loads of room so feel free to get in touch with what ever you have we would like to get a staff terrier if possible but the main thing is we want to be able to help so please get in touch we live in a town called Hertford Hertfordshire if you thing we can be of help email me at [email protected] or please feel free to call on 01992 534709 or 07859309706 hope we can make a difference
Added 25/01/05
I am looking for 2 cats. I live on a farm in a bungalow and have lots of love and time to give them. If you have cats looking for a home that are good friends or related and seek a nice, quiet life then please contact me. I live in Chiddingfold in Surrey. tel – 07958 486622 or please email – [email protected]
Added 23/01/05
we have a loving family home to offer a boxer. Looks are unimportant but must adore children and other dogs. [email protected]
Added 20/01/05
I have room for a Hamster that needs to be re-homed. We live in the Essex/Colchester area. Please contact [email protected]. Many Thanks
Added 18/01/05
We are a young couple who are desperately looking to give a loving home to a small/medium dog. The only specifics we have is that it is affectionate, cat friendly and house trained. We live in a spacious two bedroomed house in Maidstone, Kent with a garden. We are keen walkers and outdoor people with lots of energy, enthusiasm and love to give to the right dog. We do work, both being in the Police force working various shifts. This means that the dog would be left on its own sometimes, but this would not be everyday nor for hours. We would be happy travel to meet the right dog and are happy to give more details of our lifestyle and where we live. Please contact Jan at [email protected].
Added 17/01/05
hi. my partner and i have fostered a number of dogs for local charities and would consider taking in any puppy/dog requiring urgent temporary rehoming.
we have three dogs of our own (terrier, collie and 3-legged GSD) as well as 2 cats and welcome any quiet and non-aggressive and animals. we both work odd shifts so the animals become flexible in their routine but in return they are trained, socialised and given 2 fabulous walks a day over the local countryside as well as oodles of cuddles and love. if we fit the bill for you please call me, elaine on 07974 826418.
Added 17/01/05
Loving home offered to Border Terrier. Large garden two children 7 and 12. One outside cat lots of time to give – experienced home with Vet Nurse. Please email [email protected]
Added 14/01/05
I would love to give a home to a small – medium dog ( puppy up to 4 years old) I am at home all day and quite willing to train the new addition. I have a 4 year old son and 4 cats so it must be able to put up with our mad house! It must also get on well with other dogs, I have a large house and garden to offer in Reading, Berks. Please contact me on 07759629220 or [email protected]
Added 11/01/05
I have two 2 year old female cats that I got from a family b\c they couldnt keep them anymore and now my husband has gotten an allergy to them. They are litter trained, not spayed, and good with my 2 year old and 6 month old. One is black and white and one is tabby, they are sisters so I would like them to go together. When the black and white one goes into heat she loses her hair, I was told it was hormones, but it comes back. Please call 01638531727. Serious callers only. I am in Lakenheath, Suffolk.
Added 11/01/05
We are still looking for a small – med dog (largest would have to be a lab) to join our family. I am home all day and we live in a house with a large enclosed garden. Our new family member should be able to tolerate a cat and enjoy long daily walks coupled with lots of love from our 8 year old. We live in Hampshire just outside southampton. Please email with your telephone number and we will call you back. e mail [email protected]
Added 09/01/05
we are a young couple who would love to give a good, loving home to a puppy or a young small dog. We live in brighton. the dog would have to be not much larger than terrier size due to space available. looking forward to hearing from you call: 007866630188 andrew and colette. PS any staffys would be particularily welcome
Added 08/01/05
We are a married couple with no kids looking to give a good loving home to a young smooth haired male Jack Russell (preferably not older than 3yrs old) to act as a companion to our 2.5yr old smooth haired jack Russell bitch. We have both owned/bred dogs since very young so caring experience not a problem. Plus one of us is always at home so plenty of attention & walks guaranteed. We live in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Please contact [email protected] if we can help you.
Added 06/01/05
i have been widowed for the past year and would love a yorkie as a companion but not a puppy preferably an oldie who would live out the rest of its life in luxury please phone07931458107 thankyou
Added 05/01/05
We would be happy to offer a loving home to a yorkie bitch. My little yorkie girl has recently lost her companion and is longing to share her walks again. I live in Lincolnshire and so lots of lovely country walks are in store! [email protected]
Added 03/01/05
I have a homely cottage in a village on the outskirts of Taunton in Somerset. I am looking for a year or so old labrador, chocolate or Black, or Cocker Spaniel, who will get lots of walks and loving attention (no cats) I have two children (14 + 8) and a dog mad lodger too, so the dog would rarely be left alone. Please contact me on 07917 926213 or [email protected]
Added 01/01/05
We live on the outskirts of a small town in Cornwall where there is plenty of moorland and woods for long walks. We already have a JRT male who would very much like a friend to keep him company when we are at work. We would love to share our home with a small to medium sized dog age does not matter as long as they can put up with a lively JRT! 07795 571720
Added 22/12/04
We have a good sized garden, and plenty of open space for excersising . Colour doesnot matter, She must be OK with a cat, We are looking for a Labrador bitch between 2yrs and 10yrs She will be well looked after and loved. [email protected]
Added 20/12/04
hi i am willing to take in any unwanted hamsters or gerbils i have 4 gerbils that are rescue ones and hamsters that are rescue hamsters please contact me on 02392421397 and ask for lisa
Added 20/12/04
We are offering our home to a small-med dog to become a part of our family. The largest size would need to be a Lab size. I work from home so there is someone in every day, and we take long walks daily. We have a nice home, with a large garden and live close to the water. Our new family member should be able to tolerate cats and enjoy loads of love and attention from our eight year old. If you are looking for a home for your pet please e mail us. [email protected]
Added 17/12/04
i am looking for a small dog that would be good with children and cats to. I have a med size garden lots of love to give and have plenty of time to give to the dog and walking. [email protected]
Added 8/12/04
I am looking for a ginger kitten to replace much loved family cat who died recently. I live in the Portsmouth area but are prepared to travel within an hour’s distance. Please contact me on [email protected]
Added 29/11/04
We are a happy, energetic household with 3 children (5, 7 and 11), and have a large garden and, as a bonus, live opposite a lovely park. We would very much like to home a puppy of small to medium build (either mongrel, or Border Terrier type) who would benefit from lots of attention but is obviously not going to be the shy, retiring type of dog! We are willing to take a young puppy and innoculate, neuter, worm as appropriate. Please contact me on [email protected]
Added 28/11/04
We lost our tri-collie cross aged 14, in August. This has left a large hole in our lives, and especially our remaining dog Toby. We are on the look out for a spayed female round 6-8 years old (younger will be considered of course) to be a companion to Toby to see his years out with. We are a family with 3 boys aged 5,9 & 11. We have over 20 years of dog experience but not on any specialist breed. All our dogs have been rescue crosses. If you think you can help us to give a forever home to a youngish girl in the Kent area….please email Amanda at [email protected]
Added 27/11/04
looking for a springer or cocker or jr to be homed with family. must be good with children and other dogs. we live in devon so must be local due to transport call wesley on 07929505902
Added 22/11/04
A good loving home available ,not bothered what sex as if not spayed/neutered will be ASAP ,vet reference available ,homecheck welcome ,older pug preferred ,must get on with large and small dogs ,as we have other dogs .Must get on reasonable well with kids of 10,13,14 years . Free if possible . Tracy 07793951820
Added 19/11/04
My name is Reuben and I am 33 years old. I am about to move to the countryside near Fleet having lived in central London for 10 years. This is the first opportunity to have a dog since my youth and I am looking to share my loving home to any age flat coat retriever (black or liver). I had friends in Weymouth that had two flatties and have had lots of experience looking after them over holiday periods etc. The new home is a cottage in the country with miles of walking areas and due to my working from home I believe you could not find a better environment to re-home a dog. Although it is a long shot I decided to see if there was a homeless one before I purchase one. My mobile number is 07932765042.
Added 19/11/04
Loving home offered to a much wanted small family dog. Looking for a dacshund or terrier size! Please contact Amy – 0775 171 6778 or email [email protected].
Added 18/11/04
Hi we are a young couple living in Aldershot, Hants. We would like a cat/kitten or 2 to share our home. It doesn’t matter if they are boys or girls or the colour although we would prefer short haired if possible. Although there is a main road at the front of the house we back onto a large grassed area with trees etc and we have a small garden. There are quite a few cats living in the road quite happily and a little girl cat living next door. We are very loving and would love to offer a home to a couple of cats in need. Please e-mail us on [email protected] and we will get back in touch.
Added 18/11/04
hi we have a loving home readt and waiting for the right dog it must be excellent with children, dogs and cats. we are in devon but will travel to meet the right one. ideally a lab if not then a smaller dog. ( will consider all ) thanks call cheryl on 07782500614 anytime
Added 16/11/04
We can offer an excellent home (Bungalow) for a german Shepherd, the dog prefarbly female must be good with children as we have many grandchildren and the last thing we want is for a dog to hurt them.If you can help then e-mail at [email protected] Telephone:0115 9878399 Thank You
Added 16/11/04
I would like a crossbreed puppy – preferably a golden retriever mix. I live in South Hampshire right on the common with 2 children and can provide a loving home.Please email [email protected]
Added 15/11/04
We are looking for a family dog since our Golden Retriever died in August. Must be socialised, house trained and and especially good with children. Larger breed preferred. We are approved dog foster carers and can supply very good references. We live in Hants. [email protected]
Added 07/11/04
I am looking to give a good home to a small dog such as a Jack Russell, West Highland Terrier or similar. We have had a Jack Russell before so am used to all the Terrier tactics!. Live in Waltham Abbey, Essex, very close to Epping Forest so have loads of great trails and wide open spaces. We are looking for young dog or bitch aged up to three years. I can be contacted on 07817 962739.
Added 07/11/04
Hi, I am looking for a dashund don’t mind what kind smooth, long, wire haired miniature or standard. I am an experienced dashund owner and have a great home to give. It would however need to be house trained and get on with other dogs as my parents have a dashund. I am also not in my house all day so would need to be happy entertaining itself for a few hours a day. Thank you Antonia [email protected]
Added 04/11/04
We are a young couple 20 & 26 moving to our new home in clacton, it is a good meduim sized home with a big secure garden, we are looking for a german shepherd dog/ weimaraner/ boxer / great dane / anatolian , but open to any other big dogs, preferably a dog that likes long walks as we are moving near the sea so nice long morning & evening walks! Preferably would be a dog not a bitch although age doesn’t matter. We have no other pets or children and work from home so they would like to have a big fuss made of them! Contact Us on 07985920668 / [email protected]
Added 04/11/04
I am looking for a small dog for my mother-in-law, she has a lot of grandchildren who visit so it would have to be used to children and preferably 6 months and above. I live in Surrey. [email protected]
Added 04/11/04
WANTED FERRETS Silver/Grey Hobs or Jills any age considered contact [email protected]
Added 01/11/04
Hi, I am looking for another ferret for my 7month old jil. I am looking for a jill. I live in West London and don’t mind traveling. My e-mail is [email protected] thanks, Louise – London Ferrets
Added 01/11/04
Hi my family have been looking for a small breed of dog a We have a good size garden and live 5 minutes from Wansted park in East London.I have 3 children the youngest aged 8 years. I grew up having a Jack Russell of my own who unforfunatley had to be put down due to having a tumour. My youngest daughter adores dogs and has asked for one for as long as i can remember but though it wouldt best to wait until she was older. Once again a dog is on the top of her birthday and christmas list this year she will be 9 years on 19/11/04. As i work in schools we have time before and after school and during school holidays to pamper and excercise a dog.We would like a dog from a puppy upto 2 years of age. [email protected]
Added 28/10/04
i am looking for a small breed of a dog, maybe a yorkshire terrier one that has been house trained and is well out of there puppy stage, they will also need to like cats and would have to be lefted alone for about 5-6 hours per day except weekend!!! we have also had two dogs in the past that have sadly pasted away! please if you know of a dog like this that needs a home please contact me asap!!! through this email address [email protected] or on 02392232321 and ask for sophie or pauline, we live in hampshire so we would like not to travel to far with a dog, we have a 90′ garden and a big enough house we live in a quiet road and are willing to take on the resposerbility of a dog!!!
Added 20/10/04
Hi i would like a persian cat/kitten as my cat died earlier this year, and her sister is still pining for her she needs a play mate, i can offer a lovely home they will be an indoor cat,as i am a housewife so im in most of the day , they will never be left for long periods of time on there own. they also will not be kept in any cages or pens they will have the run of the house and be spoilt, which all cats deserve to be. please email if there are any out there [email protected]
Added 17/10/04
Hi, My name is Shelley and I would love to have a cat or kitten however I do not mind if it has been injured. I would give them a fantastic home however it would live in a cage in the garden with a heater. I would preferably like a boy but a girl would be good. The cat would get plenty of attention. So if there is any cats/kittens around in Nottingham please let me know. Thanx [email protected]
Added 17/10/04
i live in cookham berkshire and i am avaliable to foster greyhounds and similar and of course other needy dogs i have 2 rescue dogs of my own one of which is a greyhound, i also have 2 cats and three boys we are familiar with the process of training greyhound with cats as ours thought cats were dinner now he lets them hang on his tail eat his dinner and share his bed!!!!! call me on 01628 522736 or email [email protected]
Added 13/10/04
My partner and I are looking for a sociable dog good with children as we have a six year old daughter. We live in a first floor flat with a shared garden in the countryside so could offer long walks. We both work but my partner would take the dog with him as he has his own workshop so a car friendly dog is prefered. I have a big soft spot for gsd as have been brought up with then. [email protected]
Added 11/10/04
hi id like to offer a home to the homeless BIRDS around. I currently have 4 cockatiels and 2 zebra finches, i would like a parrot of some kind, from a rosella to a macaw, but am more than happy to give a home and lots of love to any bird in need of a permanent home. All of my birds are cleaned, fed, and played with every day, and have most of my time. They are all in cages atleast 4 times the standard size for their breeds, as i believe it is unfair to lock them in small confining cages, so they all have room to fly in their cages, and also have 2-3 hours exercise outside of their cagees per day. please contact me at [email protected] or call 07861175719 and ask for matthew.
Added 11/10/04
we would really like a small dog – jack russell-ish size. i like scruffy looking mongrels as well as jack russells. i have a small baby and a six year old and we wish to go for walks with a friendly dog who doesnt mind children. we also have a cat – hes very independant and has put up with us looking after dogs before! we have an enclosed garden and lovely dog walking areas very closeby. also – not far from new forest or beaches so walking possibilities are endless! he or she would not be left alone all day as i wonly work part time, and my partner can take the dog with him to work on the times when i have to be out – but theres another (very friendly black labrador) on site so our dog would have to like other dogs. if you can help please ring naomi on 02380428132. thank you.