Homes Needed

Homes Needed

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Listed below are animals needing good homes.

Please contact us if you have an animal you wish added to this list.

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Danny a 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier needs a loving special home. He has a matured cataract in his left eye and one maturing in his right due to infection. He is nearly blind but orientates himself very well but you have to be aware on his walks that he isn’t running into trouble! He adores people and children and is very happy when he has your company and attention. He settles when left provided the washing machine or the like isn’t disturbing him. He obviously is a little reactive when he meets a dog as he has to first ascertain they are friendly and so naturally on guard. He can go for male dogs but this is solved currently by a muzzle, but previous fosterer didn’t encounter these problems. He has very short legs and a long body rather like a Dachshund, so I would recommend no stairs with his visual problems or gated and carry between levels. Needs a generally uncluttered & static environment/ garden (not to many roses!!) & routine. We are trying to fundraise for him so hopefully we will be able to improve his vision, but it would be wonderful for him to find his forever home first so he is supported through his ordeal and is settle before this occurs. Danny is currently in Richmond Surrey but will travel. Rescue Remedies Lynne da Costa 020 8549 6494 [email protected]
Added 06/03/05
Two year old Border Terrier x Jack Russell castrated dog. Very affectionate. New girlfriend doesn’t like dogs!!
Two year old liver and white Springer Spaniel castrated dog. Good with children, thinks he’s a lap dog but doesn’t always get on with some male dogs on a walk.
Seven month old tri-colour long-haired Border Collie. Castrated, good with children, loves other dogs. Never seen a cat. God in the car but pulls on a lead so needs further training. Owners have new baby and are too busy to give him the time he needs!
Two litters of puppies. One litter is Shih Tzu crosses 12 weeks old (at beginning of March), both sexes. The other litter is Jack Russells, only four weeks old at beginning of March but doing well. Mother rescued giving birth at roadside. JR puppies and Mum will be looking for good homes early April.
Four month old Cocker Spaniel x Labrador dog puppy, due to allergy in family.
For further information please ring Lynn on 023 92470830 (Hampshire). Small rescue so calls please weekdays between 2pm and 6pm.
Added 03/03/05
sophie 7yr old long haired gsd bitch spayed and had all of her injections.perfect with chilren a very obedient familydog .the owners are emigrating.please call corinne,small dog rescue on 01277-229739
gentle george 7yr old greyhound male,desperate for home,has had all of his injections.can be left,travels well,excellent with children,no cats please ring corinne on 01277-229739,small dog rescue
Added 03/03/05
Two tri-colour Yorkshire Terrier x Jack Russells. Mother and son aged four and six. Both neutered and vaccinated. Lived with cats and children. Good with other dogs. Good in the car and obedient on and off the lead. Must stay together.
11 months old Springer Spaniel dog. Good with everything. Needs to be rehomed due to owner’s ill-health. For further information please ring Lynn on 023 9247 0830 (Small rescue so weekdays between 2pm and 6pm only please).
Added 02/03/05
Tigo lovely Boxer Dog, 6 years old, he is good with children, and used to cats, owners moving into a flat and can no longer keep him.
Tessa 2 year old small Labrador Cross, spayed, used to children and other dogs. Home needed due to marriage split.
Phoebe pretty 6 month old Patterdale, she is spayed and vaccinated, good with other dogs. None of these dogs are suitable for working couples. Please telephone Mrs Lindsey 01252-324119
Added 27/02/05
Four year old Rottie bitch spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Slim build and good with children and other dogs. Owner ill.
Four year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier bitch. Used to children eight upwards. Needs to rehomed due to owner’s ill health. Both these dogs are desperate as the matter is very urgent. For further information please phone Joanne on 020 8894 1424 (between10 am. and 8 pm. please).
Four year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier bitch. Used to children eight upwards. Needs to rehomed due to owner’s ill health. Both these dogs are desperate as the matter is very urgent. For further information please phone Joanne on 020 8894 1424 (between10 am. and 8 pm. please).
Added 24/02/05

Bramble is an affectionate 6 year old English Springer. Long walks are her pastime but once she comes in, curling up on the settee is what she likes to do. She is spayed and inoculated. Surrey Animal Rescue 01483 275386
Added 24/02/05

Billy is a Lab x estimated to be 8-10 months old. His parentage maybe unknown, but who needs a “pedigree” when you’ve got the temperament of this lad! Billy is currently in a foster home in Ireland and has proved to be excellent with other dogs, his favourite place to curl up to sleep in between the paws of one of the ladies!! Billy is a fun loving, gentle lad. He has probably never lived indoors but is now enjoying that little luxury, although he is still getting to grips with house training! But he is a clever lad and a quick learner, in the week he has been with his foster Mum he has made great progress and is beginning to realise that outside is the place to go! Billy will be coming to a UK foster home shortly. Please contact Dee on [email protected]
Added 24/02/05
Petra is a white and black spayed female cat with no ears due we think to sunstroke. She is approximatly 6 years old and depsperatly needs a home of her own. Although her present owners love her she is tormented by some of their other cats and virtually lives on top of the kitchen cupboard as each time she comes down she gets beaten up. She is now looking for a home on her own where she will be loved as she deserves. Homes only in Essex please and the present owner would like to do her own homecheck before parting with Petra. Please contact Linda on [email protected]
Added 19/02/05
Five year old castrated miniature silver dapple Dachshund. Good with children and with cats and with dogs outside of the house. Very loving. For further information on him please ring Lynn 023 9247 0830 (Small Rescue – please ring weekdays between 2pm and 6pm) – Hampshire.
Added 17/02/05
hello i work for a charity called wagtails, we have a eightteen month old staffbull terrier called jake he is good with children,cats and dogs.he is neuttered and his injections are up to date.he is a very lovely boy please ring corinne on 01277229739 this is brentwood in essex
Added 14/02/05
Bracken is a fawn Saluki cross of 6 years old. He has got a wonderful temprement and is good with children, livestock (cats, chicken, horses etc.). He has been neutered and is fully vaccinated. He lives with other dogs at the moment and would suit living with another bitch. He would need a secure garden with a minimum requirement of a 6-foot fence and has a bit of an annoying habit. When he has finished his dinner he will cock his leg, so he needs to be let out as soon as he is finished! He does have seperation anxiety and will chew if left. He is fine if confined to a small room when left, but will jump on worktops to look out the window for you(!) He is also crate trained and will settle nicely if confined to one for short periods. He has been allowed to sleep on the bed and on the sofa. He is unable to stay at his current home because the other dogs of the household recently attacked him resulting in a large tear along his back and alot of bruising. He also has a haemotoma which is being treated. He can be rehomed after his staples come out which is Friday coming. Unfortunately the other dogs of the household cannot be in the same room as him anymore because they try to attack him, so a loving and permanent home needs to be found as soon as possible. Bracken is currently in the West Sussex area and a home in the Sussex/Surrey area will only be considered. A homecheck will be carried out. Please contact Kim on: 01444 831388
Added 11/02/05
I have a lovely male dog called Dandy, he adores children. He is three years old, and has rough hair. Unfortunately I have just had a baby boy who is now three months and he is allergic to him. I also have another 1 year old daughter, with my baby boy being allergic to Dandy and with the difficulty of taking him out for walks with two small children, I feel it only right that I could find him another home, where he can get the attention he deserves. He spends most of his time outside and it is unfair on him. Please consider Dandy, he is a lovely character. Jenny 0208 660 8695 I live in Coulsdon, Surrey, and would be willing to drive him to you if you seriously want him
Added 08/02/05
Morgan Cocker Spaniel 3 years old, neutered and vaccinated, he is not happy around children. Home needed due to domestic problems.
Susie large Whippet Cross 9 months old, spayed and vaccinated, very affectionate. These dogs will not be homed to working families. Please telephone Mrs Lindsey 01252-324119
Added 01/02/05
Hi i have my doberman girl who i need to rehome to a good family she has been chipped and nuetered and she is house trained she needs lots of attention and love she is very well behaved when left alone in the house “I dont really want to rehome her but my health is failing” she is 5years young black and tan .I live in manchester [email protected] [email protected]
Added 30/01/05
Four year old spayed Shih Tzu bitch. Jealous of other dog. Excellent with children. New home needed urgently. For further information on these dogs please ring Lynn 023 9247 0830 (Small Rescue – weekdays 2pm to 6pm) – Hampshire.
Added 29/01/05

Kizzy is an 8.5yr old non spayed collie/spaniel bitch looking for a home due to work commitments of her ‘mum’ . She is good with children and other dogs, very friendly and obedient when out for walks on or off lead. contact Tania or Sue on 01872 223890 Truro, Cornwall
Added 26/01/05

Woody is a friendly castrated 3 and a half year old cross – possible Corgi/collie. He is good in the car and good with other dogs. Surrey Animal Rescue 01483 275386

Kai is a loving spayed 3 and a half year old cross – possibly cocker/bordercollie. She has a lovely wavy coat. She loves the car and is good with other dogs. Surrey Animal Rescue 01483 275386

Stella is a rather timid 18 month old spayed collie cross. Once she gets to know you she will be your shadow. Needs lots of understanding and kindness. Surrey Animal Rescue 01483 27538

Trudie is months old and spayed. She is a collie cross who will need time to get to know new people. Surrey Animal Rescue 01483 275386
Added 18/01/05
Rosie 10-month-old tricolour Jack Russell. Vaccinated, spayed and micro-chipped. Please telephone Mrs Lindsey 01252 324119
Added 18/01/05
Anyone interested in any of these dogs below please contact Dee on [email protected] for a pre homing questionaire if you think you can offer these dogs the home of their dreams. These dogs are currently in Ireland but can travel for the right home.

JAKE – Jake is a very handsome neutered GR, about 3-4 years old who will need an experienced home with a large SECURE garden as he has been known to escape and currently has NO recall! Jake was picked up as a stray when he was only a puppy and after failing to find his orginal owners was adopted by the person who found him. Unfortuntely Jake did not get on with the resident male and fights broke out eventually leading to his surrender for the health and safety of both dogs. Therefore Jake CANNOT be homed with males, he does however enjoy the company and playing with bitches. He is currently in foster with 9 bitches! Jake cannot be homed with cats. Jake will need training to walk nicely on the lead and also with the recall. Jake is very people orientated, though sometimes a little too bouncy! Therefore he would be best suited to a home with no children under the age of 12. Jake will only be homed to a family that has somebody home all day and has the time and energy to help this lad to reach his full potential.

BLAISE & KATIE are Aunt & nephew, currently in foster in Dublin. Katie is a 4 year old spayed bitch and Blaise a 2 year old entire male (lighter colour) who will be neutered before rehoming. Ideally we are looking to home this pair together, they have always lived together and are totally devoted companions. They are both excellent with other dogs, child friendly, and just like all good Goldens, great big cuddle monsters. They both walk well on the lead and have impeccable manners, their only vice is livestock, both will chase given half the chance. Therefore we are looking for an urban home for this pair where their instinct to chase will not be challenged. They will also not be suitable to be homed with cats for this very reason. If the perfect home cannot be found for them together then we will consider separating them but on the proviso that they only go to homes with existing dogs. These are 2 very beautiful and happy Goldens just looking for a new owner that they can make as happy as they are……….is there any room on your sofa for the delightful couple? Form an orderly queue please!ZIGGY – is a Golden Retriever thought to be approx 5-6 years old. He was found straying in Ireland and all attempts to reunite him with his owners have failed and he is now looking for that home to call his own. Ziggy has been in foster and fully assessed in the home and found to be the perfect house guest. He is fully house trained, well mannered, a good traveller and extremely people orientated, just as a Goldie should be. A very sweet and affectionate dog. He has been child tested and passed with flying colours. Ziggy is however a powerful lad and currently pulls on the lead but nothing a little training wouldn’t cure. Ziggy would be happy to be an only dog or to share his home with a girlfriend, but he is not great with other males so cannot be homed with an existing male dog. Ziggy will not be homed to full time workers unless adequate provisions can be made to ensure that he isn’t left alone for more than 4 hours per day.

Current listings of dogs can be found here – in Rescue section of the Photo Album.
Added 18/01/05
I have a lovely dog called Tyson, that needs a loving home. Just a few details about Tyson, he is a 2yr 8 mths old male black and tan GermanShepherd, he has a full pedigree, and although i have the documents for the kennel club, he has not been registered.His latest booster he has not had yet this was due in December, nor has he been castrated. I have had Tyson since he was 7 months old.
Temperment wise, on the whole he is a loverable dog, loves to swim in the lake….( his favourite pastime),has been known to catch the odd fish, but never hurts them,he likes to play, and at times is still very puppy like. He does however need someone who has the time to train him properly as although off the lead he will come on command, unfortunately hes a bit of a handfull on the lead, tends to pull. Sadly as i have been on my own with 4 children, and its my own fears, he hasnt mixed with other animals, that isnt to say with the right person, this would be possible. Hes house trained and can be left, although i dont leave him for very long periods of time, i have on occasions had to and he has been fine. He still likes to mouth hands, which is something shepherds are known for and needs to be stopped from doing so, and like i said he needs a firmer hand than i have been. Food hes fairly happy on tinned with biscuits, he doesnt like the dry food, pedigree gives him an upset tummy so have found hes quiet happy on asdas own brand or similar, loves eggs so when hes feeling poorly he likes to have them boiled. [email protected]
Added 17/01/05
Coco 12mth old Liver and White ‘Sprollie’ lovely friendly boy
Max – 2yr old live and white Springer Spaniel
Ginger – Little Norfolk x, very sweet little dog
Ceri – Little rough coated Jack Russell Terrier
Nick – young smooth coated black lurcher
Maggi – sweet little liver and white Springer
Bryn – beautiful tri coloured collie boy
Amber – 2yr old golden staffie x bitch
These are just a few of the dogs available. All dogs are vaccd and chipped.
The dogs are all ex strays and need a chance of a happy family life.
For further information please ring 01885 482967 or visit our website
Added 17/01/05
Scrap, lovely natured Lurcher dog, 18 months old, good with children, home needed quickly due to domestic problems. Telephone Mrs Lindsey 01252-324119
Added 17/01/05
Jerry is a male Staffordshire bull terrier– approx 3-4 years old. He is a lovely dog, gorgeous looking (brindle), friendly, playful, good with children. He has a slight issue with cats- would never hurt them but loves to chase them. We live in the Chapeltown area of Sheffield (S.Yorks).
I do not want to give him up but feel it would be best for Jerry as I have to work 9-5 mon-fri and he is on his own for a long time. He has recently been moved from my ex-partner’s house to mine, and before that he was a rescue dog, and so I really need to find him a good family home where he will finally be able to settle, feel loved, safe and secure. I will not let him go if I am not 100% satisfied that he is going to a good home. He may take a while to settle in as he has been moved around a lot. He is an attention seeker and loves interacting with humans- even if it’s only sitting on your lap. I would prefer a family with children and lots of time to take Jerry as he really needs people to be around. He doesn’t like being on his own. I’m not asking any money for him- just a good home. Call Lauren on: 07939950624 [email protected]
Added 14/01/05
Shy is a 4 1/2 year old Shitzu bitch, ex puppy farm Shy is very quiet and needs a lot of time as she is scared. Unlike her friend she goes in a corner and shakes. She to is very thin and needs slow building up and exercize to build mucle, dear little dog but will take more time to build her confidence than her friend

Hatty is a 4year old Shitzu puppy farm bitch, She is VERY thin and her back end has no mucle, she will need slow building up and exercize to build muscle. She is also a little cuddly dog.

Katie is a sweet 4 year old ex puppy farm wetie, She is quite out-ward going for a puppy farm dog and enjoys a cuddle, but will still need a kind patiant home
Alice is a 3 year old Rotty, she has ended up in the pound but was originally a failed puppy farm dog. Before this I beleave she once had a home as she is just so sociable and sweet. she is fine with other dogs and even smiles if you are really lucky.

Kenny is the sweetest little whippet cross bedlington. He loves cuddles and is so charming. Though his teath are stained with neglect the vet and I feel he is only about 3 years old.If you like cuddles exercize and the dearest little friend you could not go wrong but to ask about him.

Fly. is a special little 7 week gsd cross pup. She was thrown out on the road, and is so lucky a passer by rescued her. she is a sweet pup, and greeted me with wags and kisses

Marnie is a puppy farm 2 1/2 year old chocolate lab bitch. There were only 2 small pups that survived in the last litter, so to the farmer she was not worth keeping. perhaps by seeing these pictures you will see the sadness and despair in these poor dogs hearts. Please don’t offer a home less you really understand the time love and help Marnie will need..

For details on the dogs listed above please contact Many Tears Dog Rescue Please call Sylvia on 01269 843084 or e-mail [email protected]
Added 14/01/05
Enfield Dog Rescue home to home service in and around the London. We always vet homes, so visit you! To keep our ‘phone bill manageable please keep trying our lines? 020 8886 4117 or 020 8376 2363 [email protected]
Barney Pointer x male neutered 16 months large dog. White with black merle Good alround strikingly hansome lad, a little food possessive so best as only dog. Very trainable.
Lady Yorkie 12 yrs speyed bitch black & tan. A Yorkie with attitude! & overnight incontinence. Needs experienced owner ideally only dog.
Deisel Border terrier x male neutered 18 months. Adores people and OK with other dogs
Ricki Rottweiler 3 yr neutered male. Good temperament. Good with cats and dogs experienced owner needed
Max Fox terrier x Neutered male 1 yr white wirehaired. OK older children and ideally only dog but fine once settled
Max Saluki neutered male 3 yrs Fawn coloured. Good natured but very nervous of children so no children please.
Shane Staffie male neutered Brindle short Good temperament.
Sebastian Staffie x male neutered 3 yrs Good with cats and dogs.
Betsie American Bulldog bitch spayed 2 yrs White Very good natured good with children, dogs & cats.
Troy Mastiff male neutered red 8 months. Good temperament
Added 14/01/04
Beautiful German shepherd bitch, very fit healthy friendly seven year old had since puppy no problems not ideal with young children too excitable and boisterous micro chipped, spayed, fully vaccinated. Needs person experienced with shepherds, Serious calls only please expect to be almost cross examined, fell free to call for chat but home must be right. hopefully in Hampshire Call Tracie on 023 92780109
Added 11/01/05
Brecon is a 2-year-old collie male; he has been running free on the mountains for over 3 months. Once caught the dog warden took him to the pound, I took him on his 9th day. He is very thin and scared of every thing; He will need loads of TLC.

Molly was tied to Christine of CARAs gate. She is about a year boxer size UN-trained but very trainable. She loves every one and is desperate to pleas
Here is a new picture of a happy well Nickel. Nickel says she feels well now and thanks all her well wishers. She is a sweet friendly dog but still quite a pup and will need training. She is very inquisative and outward going.

To day chelsea (described as the dog from hell) arrived But they are all mistaken. This clever misguided dog was launching out swearing at passers by, trying to attack other dogs and chase cats. With the right person on the end of the lead she says nothing to walkers looks away from cats and other dogs and walks to heel. Yes I know its trying to find the right person for this naughty young lady ( she is just 8 months) but you know with your help we can. With this lady I will happily give a free dog training lesson. Until that wonderful day that some-one picks this girlie I will continue to train her. Please don’t let her get stuck here Print this and display and help her to have a home.

For details on the dogs listed above please contact Many Tears Dog Rescue Please call Sylvia on 01269 843084 or e-mail [email protected]
Added 06/01/05
we have a seven year old cat who i need to find a new home for as it keeps messing in our house everytime we let her in. I have just had a baby and don’t want to keep picking up the mess she also tries to go in the babies bed and pram so i can’t let her in and it is too cold for her outside [email protected]
Added 06/01/05

4 yr american bulldog stunning looking loves kids very soft and cuddley ideal family dog .owners moving to 01843 22 46 58
Added 05/01/05
Tammy 4 year old out standing GSD good with kids dogs people and seemed to ignore the cats. Very obedient, owner who lived in a flat could not afford to keep her, she has been passed from home to home, she is a really lovely dog who now is confused and insecure. This is a dog that should be snapped up, if only the right person hears about her.

Lloyd left at the pound. He is a truly beautiful big dog, bouncy,and friendly he is 8 months. This is just a young dog, he is very clever, needs training and loads of love He is strong and is going to be really big, but he does not mind direction and is not stroppy when told off.
Plum is a 9 week old bitch pup ( parents Lucky and Beautie) She and sisters and parents have been with us some time due to an eviction they all found themselves homeless. she has a vitamin deficiency which has left her a little bald, hopefully very soon this will right it self, thus not able to be homed till mid Jan. Don’t pass her by though as this whole family are small and charming.

Beautie rough coat terrier cross came in with husband Luckie and their 6 kids.Beautiful dog. Beautie yorkie cross, very sweet 1 year female , loves to be petted, but also enjoys terrier type persuits.

Luckie smooth coat terrier cross husband of Beautie and father of the 6 kids, sweet friendly but a cat chases. Lucky is a small dacs’ cross terrier, male, 1 year, very sweet once he knows you, came in as owners were evicted, he is a charming inteligent little dog.

Bambi-3 year old basset, she has had a very hard past, Her ribs have been broken and though now mended stick out in a strange fashion, when spayed her spleen also had to be removed, and owing to an eye problem her eye has had to be removed. She has been farmed so does not know the joys of a home and probably will need house training, She is extremely sweet and gentle with us. She is scared of her lead being put on but walks well on it once on it. I need a fantastic home for her,Is there some one out there Please!!!

Jenny 2-year-old puppy farm lab never bred only handled a little very sweet but needs loads of TLC to help her.

Joss is around 7 years old a male golden retriever, he desperately wants to please, is good with other dogs and is a very fine fellow indeed. He to was never claimed from the pound, it truly amazes me !!!

Fancy is an 18 month long coat GSD she was a stray never claimed from the pound. She is a lovely dog , just needs a loving forever home willing to train and enjoy her and never let her down!

Song 7 year old retreaver female who has a huge grin when talked to. She has lived on a farm but was no longer wanted, She is a very sweet girl, not a puppy farm dog, but probably never been allowed to live in a house!
Scruffy came to me late late one night. CARA had left early that morning to pick up the dogs from the pounds( 7 they were told), but on arrival 13. They picked them up to save their lifes and continued on the journey to the rescues who had pre arranged to take a few each. Sadly 3 of the dogs were never picked of the van, two were moved on two days later having stayed here,, but not Scruffy. He is a 6 year old male lurcher, whippet size and so so gentle. He had come from a house of 7 dogs including his mum, but the person could no longer care for him. He is a poor lost soul, but could make another poor lost soul a great friend and partner. He is not used to lead walks but learning. If you kneel low he comes and rests his head on your lap then slowly puts his paws up, then crawls the rest of the way up. He is a real darling, great with his kennel mate, he will be a great asset to any home.

Hugh was a stray but I bet he was a throw out. He has never been allowed to run about (his very very long nails tell me that, and the way he is so scared and insecure). He is about 14-16 months and a really frightened boy, however he did not try to bite show his teeth or even growl, he just hid in a corner. He is fine with the lab I have put him in with, infact she is giving him a little of her confidence. These poor shepherds who so love to serve their masters suffer so much when let down! Up date on Hugh. To day hugh having groaned with fear and run in circles wetting himself, gave in a little and finally came and having inspected me and my smell nudged me, I very slowly stroked his head, and again he nudged me. I got to my feet and he ran whining and wimpering cowering in a courner!! Man has a lot to answer for. This dog is in desperate need of a hero to rescue him from the hell in his mind.

Marmalade yellow lab 4 years probably an x puppy farm dog that has landed up in a pound, she is very sweet but is going to have to have lead lessons, and probably be house trained, she is also fat, so will need to diet and exercise. She is fine with other dogs and seems to love every-one.

Magnum, 14 month mastiff male , very large and strong, will require an owner who is mastiff savy, keen to train and with plenty of love to give. The pound had no notes on him, though he was not a stray but a hand in. He has been co operative and gentle with us.

For details on the dogs listed above please contact Many Tears Dog Rescue Please call Sylvia on 01269 843084 or e-mail [email protected]
Added 29/12/04
9 year old German shepherd boy, (entire) and an 8 year old German shepherd girl (entire), are both in DESPERATE need of new homes, if you can help these and would like more details, then please contact me [email protected] or 07932 844288.
Added 22/12/04
Bella is a small terrier fawn in colour 10 months old and just spayed. She had a impoverished first 6 months I rescued her Sept from a couple in their 20s in Nottinghamshire who were ignorant of her needs She was handed to me without a collar or lead and had not been socialized, properly exercised or trained. All she really knew was to leap up at people and make a big show of her huge open heart. She is very gushing and needs help to control her JRT type energy. She has been with a fit 60 yr old lady who has been unable to cope with her energy especially as she only has a very small though secure garden. She’s now house- trained and tried to socialise/ exercise her but can’t manage her very well. The picture is not Bella but very similar though Bella is lighter in colour almost white at the rear, with a very pretty face. Needs experience owner probably used to a Jack Russell as similar energy and dominance issues. Contact Lynne 020 8549 6494 or email me on [email protected]
Added 20/12/04
I have four 5-6month old kittens who desperately need a home becuase i cannot look after them anymore. since they were born i have been trying to find homes but have been unsuccessful. I have 2 tabby kittens, a black kitten and a black and white one. i live in grays, essex and would like to hear from anyone who could offer a loving home for these kittens. Please contact me on [email protected]. ThankYou
Added 17/12/04
I foster and re-home german shepherds, and currently have a long list of dogs looking for a “forever home”, so if you are looking for a new friend, or need help re-homing your german shepherd, please contact me on 07932 844288 or e-mail me [email protected] for full details
Added 8/12/04
German Shepherd bitch 9 ,months old speyed innoculated and chipped good tempered unknown with small children lives at present with 9 cats and two dogs howevever is not good on lead with other dogs. health reasons mean I cannot keep her but must go to german shepherd people as she is or can be quite destructive and needs a lot of exercise plus mental stimulation. any home will be homechecked. contact me at kozykats@hotmail com
Added 8/12/04
Hi there, we have a lovable 6 year old bullmastiff female, who needs a loving and caring home. We are relocating and their is insufficient space for her, we are heartbroken because she is such a love. That is why we called her Amor.She is quiet natured but very sociable and enjoys attention. Amor has had all her innoculations and regular checkups. She is in Sleaford, Lincolnshire. If you are interested you can contact Andre or Denise on 0141 646 1931 or 079 194 889 84. E-mail [email protected]. Thank you
Added 5/12/04
Homes needed for abandoned hamsters. Over 60 hamsters have been abandoned at GBH Rescue in Beckenham, Kent. If interested, please call Helen on 01689 854157. Rabbits and guinea pigs also looking for loving homes
Added 29/11/04
S.T.A.Rescue are looking for loving homes for 48 Degus which are coming into their care, Please contact 01256 330532
Added 28/11/04
Urgently looking for stables/semi rural homes for non domesticated cats on behalf of Woking Cats Protection. Some of these cats are ex ferals, but some are just domestic cats that have been straying and are reluctant to trust humans. They need shelter from the winter and someone willing to leave a bowl of cat food out for them each day. If you think that you could help, please contact Chris Tribe at Woking Cats Protection on 01276 451769.
Added 27/11/04

and Penny
are two Collie x Jack Russells who are sisters, 8 months old. They are both adorable dogs and are in need of a good home. Both the owners are now working a long day and the girls are left on their own for too long. Ideally we would like them to go to the same home but know that this may not be possible. Both dogs have had all their vaccinations, have been spayed and chipped and are in excellent health. We have had them since young puppies. We will be very sorry to see them go but realize that they should have far more attention than we are able to give them. [email protected]
Added 24/11/04

Special Cat Looking for a Home: FLYNN is a spotted tabby Bengal boy who is 4 years old. He is a real character cat who loves to chat and tell you all his news. He is very freindly and clever, loves his garden and enjoys a good mousepatrol! Flynn needs a only cat home without children in a rural situation. Please contact Wendy at Southampton Cats Protection 023 80893166 for more details.